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Sunday 5th of May 2019

Digital Ocean Emergency Droplet Migration

Digital Ocean has identified an issue on the physical machine hosting for PikaGirls Droplet (server). In order to minimize disruption, they will be attempting a migration of the Droplet to a healthier physical machine. Throughout the migration, control panel and API events will not succeed for the affected Droplet including power offs, resizes, and attempts to destroy the Droplet.

In order to minimize downtime, they will first attempt to perform live migrations in all possible cases. A live migration would result in no downtime, but minor performance decreases in disk I/O and a second or less of packet loss as the network is switched over to the new physical host.

In the event that they are not able to perform a live migration of a Droplet, they will perform an offline migration during which the Droplet will be powered off and migrated offline during the window.